HECAP Online Seminar: Rikard Enberg

17 Jan 2022

ICTP-EAIFR is pleased to welcome Rikard Enberg of Uppsala University, Sweden, for a High Energy Physics Seminar this Tuesday, January 18, at 14:30 (GMT+2). Entitled "Symmetries in Science & Nature," the talk will take place online on Zoom and streamed in the conference hall on EAIFR’s top floor (EINSTEIN Block, former “KIST2” Building, UR-CST, Nyarugenge campus).

Abstract: There is an everyday meaning of what it means for something to be symmetric. Many familiar objects have some kind of symmetry, both natural ones, such as flowers or butterflies, or cultural ones, such as buildings or works of art. There is also a more precise mathematical definition of symmetries, and such symmetries are described by the area of mathematics called group theory. In this talk I will discuss both the general idea of symmetries, and how we use symmetries in science. I will also give a very brief introduction to the idea of group theory and how it is used in physics.