Ivan Girotto Seminar

20 16 : 00 - 18 : 00 Jul

Dr. Ivan Girotto from ICTP, Italy will give a seminar during his one-week visit at ICTP-EAIFR.


Modern Large Scale Computer Simulations


Speaker: Dr. IVAN GIROTTO (ICTP, Italy)

Date and time: Wednesday, 20 July 2022 at 4:00 (GMT+2)

Physical venue: EAIFR’s conference hall (top floor)





The power crisis of computer chips has rapidly translated in inefficient software for scientific computing. Compute power is today often available to scientists in the form of accelerated compute platforms that requires ad-hoc software optimizations as well as the definition of several levels of parallelism, to fully exploit the compute capability. On the other hand, physical models used to describe real natural problems are becoming more and more complex and requiring high efficiency from the initial phase of pre-processing to the final stage of data publication, to ensure that technology is not the limiting factor of scientific progress. In this talk I will introduce the main architectural features related to compute performance in modern facilities for high-performance computing, while discussing some of the workflows for modern large scale computer simulations adopted within the ICTP community.

The seminar will be streamed in the conference hall on EAIFR’s top floor (EINSTEIN Block, former “KIST2” Building, UR-CST, Nyarugenge campus).






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