EAIFR works with the U.S.– Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure (USAfrI)  to increase the scientific exchange between African and U.S. physicists with opportunities to have a major impact on research and education in Africa. Electronic Structure is a natural choice because it is an essential part of research with applications in many fields, and there is a network of capable researchers in Africa generated by sustained efforts since 2010 with the ASESMA series.

EAIFR is a natural choice because of its scientific alignment, international engagement, and deep familiarity with the needs and training of physicists from the many African nations.

As of 2021, EAIFR has co-organized two USAfrI events: the 2021 March Meeting Kickoff and the 2021 June USAfrI Workshop. The next USAfrI event is planned for Summer 2022:  a hybrid (online and in-person) workshop, immediately followed by individual visits of Africans to research groups and user facilities in the U.S. to further develop potential working relationships.

The U.S.-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure is supported by the Innovation Fund of the American Physical Society.